Not Fit for a Dog! The Truth About Manufactured Dog and Cat Food

 Written by three veterinarians, this book provides a scathing assessment of the commercial and prescription pet food industry. The book is heavy on facts and provides plenty of evidence from the recent Menu Foods pet food recall. It also appears to contain a lot of personal bias.

In a nutshell, the authors believe that multinational corporations need something to do with their waste food products, so they process it into pet food. Their recipes are not science based. The food is purchased from questionable sources. It contains numerous additives to extend shelf life and is of questionable nutritional value. Ultimately your pets are the test subjects for this experiment, and they’re suffering from allergies and serious illness because of it. The same multinationals promote their products through universities to aspiring veterinary students, who are surprisingly uninformed.

The solution is that pet guardians should feed homemade diets of human grade foods to their pets – recipes are provided.

The authors are:

  • Dr. Michael Fox holds veterinary and doctoral degrees in medicine and animal behaviour/ethology and is a syndicated journalist.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins holds law and veterinary medicine degrees and works in private practice. Formerly she was the director of technical affairs at Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

  • Dr. Marion Smart holds a Ph.D. in nutrition research and a veterinary degree and teaches at veterinary colleges.

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