K-Lane Kennels Cancellation Policy

Don't book more nights than you plan to pay for.

We understand that life takes sudden turns, making it impossible to get away. For family emergencies, dog or human illness, or a workplace cancelling your holidays, there is no charge for last minute cancellations.

However, when we are full and turning other customers away, if you cancel less than one week (seven or fewer nights) prior to your scheduled arrival date, or if you change your reservation to reduce the number of days booked with less than one week notice, you may be charged the lesser of $50 or the amount booked and not used.

It is normal and expected that arrival and departure dates will change when you're in the planning stages of your holiday. However, please give us the courtesy of finalizing your dog's plans when you're finalizing your hotels and flights. When you make the decision to come home early, please let us know rather than just showing up early.