K-Lane Kennels Dog Boarding Services

When you’re away from home, boarding your four legged friend makes good sense. Dogs are social animals who get restless and bored when left alone. Boarding is a great alternative to the loneliness and temptations found in an empty house.

Guests like Blossom love their clean spacious suites


Boarding is all we do - we look after dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages - from two pound chihuahuas to 200 pound danes! We just do dogs - no cats allowed. (We love them too, just don't think a kennel filled with dogs is the best place for them.)

Laika, Luke and Hannah get their run on

We’re located on a quiet and peaceful acreage about a half hour out of Regina - out in the fresh country air - away from busy city energy. No trains, planes or automobiles near us – just the neighbour’s cows. We live on-site so we can easily check in on our doggie guests.

Dogs love our spacious 5x25 foot indoor/outdoor, heated suites. Our guests can run, jump and play in 125 square feet of space. Inside is 5x10’ and outside is 5x15’.

Dexter and Sula and the Chapman pack enjoy the summer heat

Our suites are designed with solid walls on the inside, so your dog can get a little privacy. Running down the centre of the building is an extra-wide 20’ alley. The nearest visible dog is 20’ away, making them feel socially connected, yet comfortable and safe.

We have something special that puppies absolutely adore - in-floor radiant heating. The result - toasty warm puppy toes! We've outfitted all of our guest suites with comfortable, orthopedic, hygienic and chew-proof Kuranda beds. Dogs love them - especially mellow dogs who are accustomed to sleeping on couches and beds.

Game on for Nikita and Zeddicus

Each suite has its own doggie door, so every dog can go inside and outside day and night. They love it. It’s open for them all year round except during nasty winter blizzards. On the outside, chain link fence separates each guest, so they can have a little fun with their neighbour.

Sun beam Ryder and Sadie

Because our guests can see the other dogs, it's very social, but there’s always a safety fence between them, there is no chance of a fight. We have two 100' play runs, and a security fence surrounds the full kennel yard - so we get to take our guests out for play-time. They can really stretch their legs for a good run, but not worry about other dogs approaching them - it's a very safe off-leash park. For safety reasons, only dogs who live together play together (we don't do group play time). With daily play-time, we get a lot of dogs out, but not all of them. It’s on an as-needed basis. Young enthusiastic labs get out a lot, blind geriatric miniature poodles, not so much. Play time is stimulating for all of our guests – even those who don't get out that day. We look at it this way, when you’re at a Rider game, you go home tired, even though you’re not out playing football. Play time is like that – those that are running are blowing off steam as are their enthusiastically watching “fans”.

Aerodynamic Buddy

Safety and security is a huge priority for us. A driveway alarm triggers any time someone enters our property. We live on-site 24/7. Our kennel building and yard area has a 6’ chain link perimeter fence so no one can exit or enter easily. Our property is monitored by SecureTek for fire and unwanted entry. We have a 16-camera security camera system that monitors and records everything. And, we have a 36 KW auto-back-up generator that runs the entire yard when the power goes out. In case our heat-pumps fail, which if they failed, would be in the middle of winter, we have several 400 watt commercial electrical back-up heaters. 

Winter whisker Jersey


You're more than welcome to tour our place, just call us to schedule a time, then come on out.