K-Lane Kennels - Environmental Commitment

We make practical and balanced decisions to reduce our environmental footprint. Recognizing that no option is environmentally perfect – every decision we make balances the health and safety needs of guests with options that protect the future of the planet.

Our solar farm

In 2014, according to the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, because of our solar and geothermal systems, we were likely Saskatchewan's first 100 percent renewable energy commercial building, and according to Green Energy Futures we are one of only a few net zero commercial facilities in all of Canada. We were finalists in the Regina Chamber of Commerce Paragon Awards, Environmental Excellence Category for both the 2010 and 2015, and receive the award in 2018. SaskPower liked our approach to renewable energy so much, they did a video about us.

Some of our environmentally responsible choices include:

  • Since 2014, installing 48 kilowatt (kW), 192-panel solar farm to generate 100 percent of our kennel electrical needs. It's a 100 percent renewable energy resource with no need for non-renewable electricity. 

  • Since 2008, using geothermal earth heat to heat the kennel facility. It’s a 100 percent renewable energy resource with no need for natural gas. In 2018, we supplemented that system with an electrical boiler system, which also relies on our solar farm for energy.

  • Since 2002, planting over 5,000 trees and shrubs. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and are vital carbon sinks. Many of our plantings are berry producing, which is great for native birds and bees, and is wild-life friendly. 

  • In 2016, we set up an apiary and began beekeeping to harvest flower power.

  • The largest portion of our 12.5 acre property is covered with native prairie grasses making it an incredible carbon sink

  • Recycling and composting waste. Poo. Paper. Cans. Plastic. Batteries. We pay Loraas for both garbage and recycling services, which is an additional cost to just waste removal, but the right thing to do.

  • Replacing T12 fluorescent lighting fixtures with energy-efficient T8's, and installed lighting timers to reduce the amount of energy needed for lighting.

  • Avoiding night light pollution by installing motion sensor night lights instead of yard lights, which supports bird and wildlife natural rhythms.  

  • Locating our business on the same acreage property as our home. Our commute to work is a short walk. 

A significant choice is offering the Canine Carpool Service:

  • Providing daily canine car pool shuttle service, where each customer saves 100 km or more (depending on where they live in Regina) in vehicle carbon emissions for every one-way trip.

  • Purchasing a 2014 Chevy Express van, which is significantly larger than the old Chevy Astro vans. Although a larger vehicle seems counter-intuitive for energy efficiency, it is "right-sized" to greatly eliminate the need for two vans that were used to provide our daily carpool service.

    Scheduling as many other trips into Regina - for appointments and to purchase supplies - as possible during the morning shuttle run, therefore eliminating additional 100 km trips into the city each time.


Plus small choices make a big difference

  • Where possible, using planet-friendly cleaners (bleach is most effective at killing canine parvovirus, so it is used.)

  • Purchased a small 3D printer to print little do-dads using a corn-based biodegradable product rather than plastics.

  • To reduce the use of plastics, use concentrated caplet sanitizing products instead of liquid options. 

  • Replacing daily newspaper subscriptions with online news services.

  • Hanging doggie bedding after laundering rather than using a dryer.

  • Adding sleep function to computers so they shut down when inactive after a period of time.

  • Installing light timers that automatically go on and off daily at set times.

  • Purchasing recyclable paper that is certified from The Forest Stewardship Council indicating that the wood used comes from forests which are well-managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

  • Grinding our own coffee instead of using K-Cups. And the coffee tastes better too :)

Imagine if everyone did just a little bit more for our planet:

Calculate your environmental foot print.

Reduce your dog's environmental paw print.

Search where you can recycle through Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council.