K-Lane Kennels First Time Guests

It's always best to make your reservation when you start planning you trip. 

We're full most weekends. For peak holiday seasons, we can book up far in advance, yet other times you've got plenty of options with little or no notice. Our advice is that when you're planning your vacation days and booking your flights, make your dog's reservation too. That way you won't be disappointed. You can never book too early, but you can try too late. 

Step one: find out if we have availability  

E-mail us at klanekennels@gmail.com, Facebook message us, or call us at 306.781.2774 to find out if we have availability. 

Step two: register with us using this registration form or by calling us at 306.781.2774

We'll collect detailed information about you and your dog You can either submit the following form or call us at 306.781.2774. 

Step three: send us vaccination verification documents

Send us copies of your dog's current vaccination certificates. Rabies, parvovirus and distemper vaccinations must be current at least two weeks prior to boarding. We also recommend that you ask your veterinarian about the Bordetella vaccination, which would also need to be completed at least two weeks prior to boarding, and a comprehensive parasite prevention program.  

Make future reservations using this returning guest form

Once you're registered with us, future reservations are a breeze. Simply bookmark our returning guest form to your smartphone home page then future reservations are just a few clicks away.