K-Lane Kennels - Feeding Information

We serve First Mate Australian Lamb Meal Formula for meals, a variety of First Mate canned flavours for enhancers (for picky eaters), and Ziwi for treats. They are manufactured in Canada and New Zealand.

Our criteria for food is that it:

  • not contain chicken or pork protein because when dogs have food allergies, it's often to chicken or pork

  • be healthy for dogs – meeting recognized AAFCO standards

  • be enjoyed by our guests - they have to like it

  • be digestible by our guests – because good poop is a good thing

And, company brands must have sold food safety track records and ethical histories (eg. no proven misleading label claims, etc.).

For picky eaters or those with digestive issues, we add canned pumpkin and/or Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal High Energy veterinary diet and/or cooked white rice as needed.

Our house brand dog food choice is not an endorsement of a brand for your dog for their entire life. We firmly believe that no one food is perfect for life-long consumption. (Would you eat only one protein and carbohydrate source forever?) For nutritional advice for your dog, talk with your veterinarian. They are in the best position to make recommendations because they know your dog’s particular health needs and breed issues, and have the latest scientifically-based information available.

We reserve the right to change the meals we serve. However, we promise that our guests will always receive high-quality foods processed by ethical suppliers. Our web site is updated with any change in menu.

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Sending your own food

If your dog is on a special diet for medial reasons or personal preference, you're more than welcome to send it along. There is no discount when you choose to provide food. If your dog eats a dry kibble, to reduce the use of plastic waste, please send it in bulk or reusable containers. Please put your dog's name on their food containers. 

We have a fridge, freezer and microwave on-site, so raw and home-prepared diets are ok. Please prepare each serving in its own individual container or leak-proof zip-lock bag (not the leaky ones). Portion out each package to include the meal, supplements and sauces to be given for each single serving. If there are different meals for breakfast and dinner, mark the bags accordingly.

Because your dog will probably be more active and alert while with us than they are at home, please increase their regular portion size slightly, or they will lose weight.