Piper and Keiko

Going Home After Boarding

Upon returning home, many dogs will run around the house to make sure it is as it was when they left. Some run around very fast. Like when you brought him to the kennel in the first place, because he’s excited, limit water and food for the first couple of hours so he doesn’t take in too much and make himself sick.

It’s normal for your dog to be sleepy when they return home. Most dogs sleep a lot when they’re at home. When they come to the kennel, they spend a lot of time checking out what’s going on – staying up late and being active. When they go home they’re tired. Let him sleep off his holidays for a couple of days, then life will return to normal.

Watch for signs of kennel cough (a dry cough). Your dog can get it any time they’re around other dogs – at a veterinarian’s office, at the dog park, or just out in your neighbourhood. Vaccines are not completely effective. It’s an airborne pathogen very much like a human cold. Dogs not showing symptoms can pass it along, and all they need to do to spread it is clear their throat once just after we’ve cleaned. If you notice a phlegmy cough that sounds like a smoker’s hack, please call us to let us know – we like to keep track of it so we can let others know when it’s running through. Normally your dog will recover on their own within three to 10 days. In the same way that you soothe a person's sore throat, you can help them feel more comfortable by giving a wee bit of honey. If however, you notice other symptoms– fever, lack of appetite, nasal discharge, etc., please take your dog to the vet, as they may have something completely unrelated. Do not give medications without consulting a veterinarian.

Many people comment that their dog is “better” after coming back from the kennel. One theory is that when a dog leaves their family – their pack – their status within the pack changes. When the dog returns, they try harder to impress their old pack members – that’s you.

Let us know if there is anything we could have done to make your dog’s or your experience with us more enjoyable – from the information you found about us, to the reservation process, through to your dog’s visit and their return home to you.