Publications: Beekeeping for Beginners Books

When we started on our beekeeping journey, we found it to be unnecessarily difficult to find good information about the full spectrum of both beekeeping and safe honey processing. Because beekeeping is local, what works in awesome Australia may not necessarily work in snowy Saskatchewan. Louise was elected to the local bee club board and to help others go through the learning curve more quickly, she authored two books to freely share with the local bee club members and others who are interested in the art of bees and their honey.

Beekeeping for Beginners Book 1 Title Page.png

Book 1: A Hobbyist's Photo Guide

This book provides photos about important aspects of honey bee beekeeping. Use it as a glossary to learn basic beekeeping terminology and as a reference when doing hive inspections.

Beekeepign for Beginners Book 2 Title Page.png

Book 2: A planning Guide for Regina Hobbyists

This book coaches individuals to make informed decisions to set up and move through their first year. Use it to purchase materials for and establish a new hive.