K-Lane Kennels Rates

All Inclusive Dog Boarding

One dog:

     2019 - $33/night

Multiple dogs from the same household:

     2019 - $25/night/dog

If you’re price comparing, these points are important:

You can can check out anytime you like ... 

Our rate is by the night, not by the day. If your dog arrives yesterday at 10:00 a.m. and leaves today 6:00 p.m., that's one night, so the day you leave is free. Some kennels will charge you two days or one day plus a daycare fee for a similar stay. Be sure to ask about check-out times. 

No deposits required.

No minimum stay any time of the year. 

No price changes during peak or holiday seasons.

No early or late check-in/out fees.

No day-boarding fees.

No medication fees.

No food or special diet fees.

No separate feeding fees.


Canine Carpool Transportation

Price is per house, not per dog:


     $25/round trip

Local Honey

Creamed or Liquid (Early Season White or Autumn Amber)

- while supplies last

     $7 for 500 grams
     $12 for 1 kilogram

$10/lb for comb honey

Our government requires that GST be added to everything except the honey. 

Our prices are subject to change. Rates are typically adjusted January 1st, so know that if your booking runs into the next calendar year, you may see a slight increase. Transportation rates change infrequently and are based on the price of fuel. 

Our prices are non-negotiable. There are no discounts.