Chamo, Chrisie and Coco

K-Lane Kennels - Terms and Conditions

Each time you board with us, you'll sign a boarding contract that is based on industry standards. In plain language, you'll provide us with a honest information about your dog so we can treat him or her well, if you're sending more than one dog you're letting us know if they can board together, and you'll pick your dog up and pay your bill. We, in turn, will do everything in our power to keep your dog healthy and happy. If anything medical comes up, we'll deal with it. We take lots of photos and you can use them personally for whatever, but we own them, so please don't sell them. 

There's common sense, and then there's legal stuff. The legal terms and conditions are as follows:

The Customer agrees to be solely responsible for all behaviour of the pet while in the care of K-Lane, and represents accurate ownership, medical/behavioural needs and aggressive or threatening behaviour information for the above identified pet.

Unless otherwise requested, dogs from the same household may be boarded together.

K-Lane will treat the pet with care and act in good faith. K-Lane’s liability will not exceed the lesser of the current chattel value of a pet of the same species or the sum of $200 per animal boarded for incidents caused by accidents rather than those caused by temporary or chronic illness or natural ageing.

If the pet becomes ill or if the state of the animal’s health otherwise requires medical attention, K-Lane may engage the services of a veterinarian, administer medicine or give other required attention at the customer’s expense. In the event of an unnatural death, the owner grants permission to perform a post-mortem.

Customer will will pay the bill including requested services, emergency veterinary care and damages caused by the pet by cheque, cash or e-transfer at completion of boarding service. A $25 service fee is charged to take a pet to a veterinarian and for all returned cheques. Any balance owing will be subject to a late payment charge of 2% per month compounded monthly (26.82% per year) until paid in full. All costs to collect unpaid bills will be reimbursed to K-Lane by the customer and are subject to the noted interest schedule.

Any pet left at K-Lane for greater than four days past the stated departure date, where additional departure instruction and/or payment has not been provided, may be considered abandoned by the customer, and may be surrendered to an animal shelter on behalf of the customer.

In the event of a medical situation, personal information provided by the customer for the provision of this service may be shared with a veterinarian or the individual identified as an emergency contact.

Photographs of the pet may be taken while boarding and are the exclusive property of K-Lane. The customer may use images of their pet taken by K-Lane for personal non-commercial use.


Updated July 2017