While You're Away

We do everything we can to help our guests be comfortable and adapt to their new surroundings.

Because we're with the dogs all the time, we get to know them, and they get to know us. We put the big dogs on one side, and little ones on the other. We put dogs with similar personalities beside each other so a gentle, geriatric wee one won't be beside crazy adolescent labs and staffies. We give each dog what they need to settle in – be that walks, runs, snuggles,or snacks, can't forget the snacks.

Most dogs figure out our routine quickly and really enjoy themselves.

Mornings are spent moving dogs around – those checking-out are loaded into the van by 6:30 a.m. New arrivals come in on the return trip. We completely clean and disinfect suites and beds between guests, (frankly, our kennel suites are likely much cleaner than the hotel room you'll be staying in), feed breakfast, administer medications, and do general housekeeping.

Every one of our suites is 5x25' – the biggest around, so when your dog stays with us, they've got a lot of freedom. Each suite has its own doggie door, so every dog can go inside and outside day and night. Even if they get up to pee at 2:00 a.m., they can do that outside rather than soiling their space. The only time we lock down is during nasty winter blizzards. They love that freedom. Inside they have comfy Kuranda beds to nap on or mumble on their toys. It's their choice to hang around inside or out – and depending on the weather, they do more and less of each.

In the early afternoon, each outside run is poop-scooped, then it's play time. We have three 100' play runs, and a security fence surrounds the full kennel yard where we take our guests out for play-time. They can really stretch their legs for a good run, but not worry about other dogs approaching them - it's very safe and social. For safety reasons, only dogs who live together play together - we don't do group play time. With play-time, we get a lot of dogs out, but not all of them. It’s on an as-needed basis. Longer-term guests and young enthusiastic labs get out a lot, blind geriatric miniature poodles or those just here for one night, not as much. Because all of the dogs can see all of the other dogs outside all of the time, play time is stimulating for all of our guests – even for those who don't get out that day. We look at it this way, when you’re at a Rider game, you go home tired, even though you’re not out playing football. Play time is like that – those that are running are blowing off steam as are their enthusiastic fans who are watching from the side lines.

Supper time looks a lot like breakfast where we provide food and medications.

During the day human customers come and go, which is stimulating in itself. Every new arrival or departure is a time to bark like only an excitable dog can.

While you're away, you're more than welcome to call or e-mail us to check up on your pup. If we don't answer the phone, please leave a message – we spend most of our time with the dogs, and promise to get back to you quickly.