Dogs Who Cannot Be Boarded

Most dogs of all shapes and sizes - ranging from great danes to tea cup chihuahuas - are very comfortable staying with us. However, we will decline a reservation in the following instances:

  • Dogs who are not vaccinated or who do not have current titer counts, based on their owner's choice rather than their veterinarian's recommendation.

  • Unspayed female dogs who are in heat. If they're not spayed, they can stay with us, but if they go into heat, they have to leave that day.

  • Dogs who are aggressive where we can not provide proper care and attention. Our kennel must be safe for us and our other guests. 

  • Dogs who are destructive who destroy the dog doors and/or chew on fences. 

  • Dogs with contagious medical conditions who can infect our other guests.

  • Dogs that are incapacitated so they can't stand up.

  • Diabetic dogs who may require very quick emergency medical attention.

  • Dogs that have been imported into Canada from any country outside of North America, that have not passed a Canadian veterinarian-approved testing and quarantine protocol.

We accept geriatric dogs. However, you're the best judge as to whether it's right for your dog or not. If they're in their golden years and they haven't been exposed to the world, boarding for the first time may be difficult for them. Conversely, if kenneling has been part of their long lives, they may be perfectly suited to stay with us during this phase of their life.

We reserve the right to decline any dog for health or temperament issues.